What is Romani Week 2024?

Policymakers, experts, activists and organisations concerned with persistent antigypsyism in Europe plan to collaborate for Roma Week in the EU institutions after the International Roma Day (8 April) and ahead of the Roma Resistance Day (16 May).

Romani Week 2024 aims to discuss how the Roma agenda fits within this broader political European discourse and priorities, especially in the context of the upcoming European elections. It aims to provide a platform for Roma to discuss the ongoing political, economic and human rights changes Europe faces today and ways to ensure that we become a more prominent priority within the mainstream political discourse and policy priorities at the EU level.

In addition, Romani Week aims to discuss the EU and national elections in 2024, the renewal of the EU’s political leadership, the possible risks of having an increased far-right political representation in the European Parliament, and the need to support Roma political representation and leadership.

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The Romani Week 2024 is financially supported by:

Romani Week 2024 is hosted by:

Support of the Members of the European Parliament:

  • Patricia CARO MAYA, The Left group – GUE/NGL, Spain
  • Anna Júlia DONÁTH, Renew Europe Group, Hungary
  • Cornelia ERNST, The Left group – GUE/NGL, Germany
  • Peter POLLAK, Group of the European People’s Party (Christian Democrats), Slovakia
  • Monika VANA, Greens/European Free Alliance, Austria
  • Erik Marquardt, Group of the Greens/European Free Alliance
  • Terry Reintke, Group of the Greens/European Free Alliance


in alphabetical order:

Amare Rromentza, Associació Cultural Gitana Rromane Siklǒvne, Center for European Policy Studies (CEPS), Central Council of German Sinti and Roma, Council of Europe. ERGO Network, European Roma Institute for Arts and Culture (ERIAC), Federación de Asociaciones Gitanas de Cataluña (FAGIC), Melde- und Informationsstelle Antiziganismus (Antigypsyism Reporting and Information Center – MIA), Minority Initiative, Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), OSCE Contact Point for Roma and Sinti Issues, Roma Active Albania, Romni Onlus, Slovo 21, Trajosko Drom, Unione delle comunità Romanès in Italia (UCRI)

Overview of the Romani Week 2024

Future of Roma, Sinti and Travellers in Europe

The event will discuss the ongoing political, economic and human rights changes Europe faces today and ways to ensure that Roma, Sinti and Travellers become a more prominent priority within the mainstream political discourse and policy priorities at the EU level to ensure a stronger accountability and political will by governments, both in the EU and Enlargement countries, to deliver on the equality, inclusion and participation of Roma, Sinti and Travellers.

The event will also discuss the future of Roma, Sinti, and Travellers after the European elections, the change in EU leadership, and the possible increase of far-right groups in the EU’s political spectrum.

Most Roma Friendy Mayor Award

The ceremony will award positive examples of Roma integration by local authorities In the Western Balkans and Turkey.

80 Years of the Roma Holocaust: Lessons learned to ensure non-repetition

This event will be a commemoration of 80 years since the Roma Holocaust, drawing on the key takeaways from the past years and connecting it to the current realities of structural antigypsyism.

Challenges and opportunities in coordinating central and local efforts for Roma inclusion

The panel will discuss advancements and setbacks in implementing commitments on human rights and Roma inclusion policies at the central and local levels. It will analyse the coherence of working channels, targeted advocacy, and technical capacities to achieve the needed change in the field. Lessons learned in implementing European Commission and Council of Europe joint initiatives and prerequisites for impact will be brought forward. Adjustments in approaches and practices will be explored to inform future actions.

Transitional justice to tackle antigypsyism, reclaim our past and rebuild our future

The Jekhipe project launch event focuses on establishing transitional justice processes, including expert commissions, at the EU and national levels to address antigypsyism. The project aims to provide policy recommendations, raise awareness about institutional antigypsyism, promote Roma identity and culture in education, and empower Roma communities and NGOs in the fight against antigypsyism.

The Roma Civil Monitoring: the role of CSOs in the future of Roma equality, inclusion and participation

The event will discuss the effective participation of Roma civil society in national policy-making.

The Power to vote!

The event is a call to action! We, Roma, are equal! We have the power to change our lives and those of our communities! How? By being involved in political decision-making from bottom to top and bottom to top!

Representation and involvement of Roma in decision-making and measures related to them

Intersectional Perspectives of Romani Children’s Rights

The event addresses the pervasive systemic discrimination faced by Roma children from early childhood, spanning issues like inadequate healthcare, limited access to education, and discrimination in sports. It aims to discuss employing an effective intersectoral approach to challenge and change these practices. 

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