What is Roma Week 2023?

Policymakers, experts, activists and organisations concerned with persistent antigypsyism in Europe are planning to collaborate for Roma Week in the European Parliament and other EU institutions after the International Roma Day (8 April) and ahead of the Roma Resistance Day (16 May). The Roma Week 2023 is aligned with the objectives of the European Year of skills 2023.

In the framework of the Roma Week 2023, there will be a series of events focusing on how history affects the current situation of Roma in Europe and what are the prospects for the future.

The Roma Week 2023 is hosted by the European Parliament and European Commission and organized in partnership with  Roma and pro-Roma civil society.

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Roma Week 2023 takes place under patronage of the President of the European Parliament Roberta Metsola.

The Roma Week 2023 is supported by:

European Parliament, European Commission, EEA and Norway Grants

Hosting Members of European Parliament:

Peter Pollák, Cornelia Ernst, Anna Donáth, Monika Vana, Pierrette Herzberger-Fofana, Lucia Ďuriš Nicholsonová, Milan Brglez, Tomas Zdechovsky, Klara Dobrev, Dragoș Pîslaru, Sándor Rónai

Participating Civil Society Organisations:

Central Council of German Sinti and Roma, European Public Health Alliance (EPHA), UNICEF, European Roma Grassroots Organisations (ERGO) Network, Fundación Secretariado Gitano (FSG), Open Society – Europe and Central Asia, Roma Active Albania (RAA), European Roma Institute for Arts and Culture – ERIAC, Roma Entrepreneurship Development Initiative – REDI, European Programme for Integration and Migration (EPIM), Foundation Jaw Dikh, Phiren Amenca International Network, ternYpe International Roma Youth Network, The Centre for European Policy Studies- CEPS, CEU Democracy Institute, Documentation and Cultural Centre of German Sinti and Roma, Romani Early Years Network (REYN: an initiative of International Step by Step Association), Nevo Parudimos, R.R.O.M.A., Autonomia, FAGIC, Minority Initiative, Eurochild


Agenda of the Roma Week 2023

Saturday 22 April – Friday 28 April

  • Roma youth advocacy training – Coordinator: Phiren Amenca and ternYpe (closed event)

Tuesday 25th April 2023

Wednesday 26th April 2023

Thursday 27th April

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