The Power to Vote

The Power to Vote

Date: 11 April 2024,
Time: 11:50 – 12:30, Brussels time
Venue: European Committee of the Regions, Room VMA21, Rue Belliard 99, 1040 Brussels, Belgium
The working language of the event is English, Romani interpretation will be available. 
Registration: Here

We are equal; we are diverse, and we are stronger together. The Roma vote matters. It must be expressed freely and unfettered. The Roma people are the most important source of hope for the change of life in the communities. So, we all must understand the importance of political participation. Why? Because politics influence everything that happens around us. Access to education, health, jobs, housing, and the fight against discrimination all depend on our political participation and most of the time, the Roma have the power, in unity, to decide a better future for the communities.

Come on, in every corner of the EU, every village, commune or city, go vote! Be strong!


Introducer: Marius Tudor, Roma politician

  • Mihaela Windischhofer – Community Organizer
  • Laurentiu Alecu – Roma politician
  • Special Guest, Member of the Romanian Parliament (tbc)