Roma Heroines

Panel Discussion

Time: April 25, 2023. 15.00-16.30 CET
Room ASP3H1, European Parliament, Brussels
Closed event, recording will be made available online

Moderation: Marina Csikós , Phiren Amenca International Network (Belgium/Hungary)


Throughout the centuries, Roma women have been victims of the white male gaze in media, literature, history, and arts. Often portrayed as oversexualized, untouchable, or having superpowers, the misrepresentation and systematic marginalization of Roma women have contributed to silencing the voices of Roma women and to a Europe where Roma women lack basic health care services, lack opportunities in education, become victims of human trafficking and many more. Thus, focusing on the power and resistance of Roma women becomes even more crucial.

Remembering the fierce Roma women who have contributed to our Roma movements, the women who raised their children within difficult circumstances, and the Roma women artists who challenge sexist and racist discourses should be brought into the spotlight and celebrated. On the occasion of Roma Week on 25 April 2023, the Phiren Amenca International Network organizes a panel discussion, where young Roma Heroines share their inspiration to becoming role models for their communities, the challenges they face due to intersectional discrimination and what the contemporary examples are for Roma Resistance from a youth Roma women perspective. 

The objectives of the discussion are:

  • To increase knowledge about the challenges Roma women face in the Roma and mainstream social movements;
  • To learn about the outstanding Roma heroines by listening to their personal stories and campaigns;
  • To inspire fellow young Roma women/girls and the wider public;
  • To showcase the resistance of young Roma women in contemporary struggles;
  • To increase awareness about the contribution of Roma women in our societies.


  • Klára Dobrev, EP Representative of the Democratic Coalition (S&D)
  • Jelena Jovanovic, Secretary of the Anti-Racism and Diversity Intergroup of the European Parliament (Serbia/Belgium)
  • Marietta Herfort, Phiren Amenca International Network (Hungary)
  • Valeria Redjepagic,  Södertörn University (Sweden)
  • Florentina Manea, E-Romnja/Feminist Collective of Romani Gender Experts (Romania)
  • Natasha Roth, Finnish Roma Association (Finland)
  • Marija Sulejmanova, Romalitico (North Macedonia)
  • Anna Daróczi, Informal Roma Women’s Network (Hungary)


Marina Csikós, Phiren Amenca International Network (Belgium/Hungary)


15.00 – 15.05                  Welcoming remarks by Klára Dobrev

15.05 – 15.10                    Welcoming remarks by Jelena Jovanovic

15.10 – 15.15                    Welcoming remarks by Marietta Herfort

15.15 – 15.20                    Introduction to the discussion by Marina Csikós

15.20 – 15.30                    Intervention by Valeria Redjepagic

15.30 – 15.40                    Intervention by Natasha Roth

15.40 – 15.50                    Intervention by Florentina Manea

15.50 – 16.00                    Intervention by Marija Sulejmanova

16.00 – 16.10                    Intervention by Anna Daróczi

16.10 – 16.25                    Questions and Answers

16:25 – 16.30                    Closing remarks by Marina Csikós